Hitmen Lineup



Born in New York City and raised in New Jersey, Raymond  Banks has performed as an actor, singer, and musician.  He started practicing at the age of 11 and by 15 was playing in  local Jersey bands. Although a Black Belt rock-n- roller at heart, he also possesses blues and soul certifications. Rhino attacks songs at will and enjoys watching the audience have a drop dead good time. 



Bear has been killin' the blues, rock, jazz, and classical styles on guitar for over 40 years . His eclectic influences include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Lowell George and Little Feat, Steely Dan, Steve Howe and many others. His travels have allowed him to jam with other cats in Seattle, San Francisco, Redding, Portland, Chicago, Indianapolis, and now Boise. Bear has played in the Treasure Valley, with Déjà Bluez, Roundhouse, and now The B-Town Hitmen.  He has all the talent and "toys" needed to produce the perfect balance of rhythm and sound to inspire you to get up, dance, and sing out loud. 


Miss T-Ray

Teresa McCulley had been singing most of her life and is liable to break out in song whenever the mood hits.   When Bear heard her belting out a Pink song  in their office, he knew she had to join the Hitmen!  Her alto voice has been across the globe from Europe to Australia, and all across the USA. Though trained in jazz, her biggest desire is to make people get up and dance! Joining the Hitmen has given her just that. “These boys really know how to jam! I feel our music reaches a wide audience, it goes to your toes!” Give customers a reason to do business with you.



A founding member of the Hitmen, Danno is back with us after a two year plus leave of absence.  This Chicago native is a beat drivin', machine gun wielding machine and we're delighted he's come back to  resume the throne as  the backbone of our rhythm section.  Welcome back Danno!   



Hitmen bassist Ralph “Biggles” Getchell  has rocked audiences in such remote locations as Panama, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt prior to retiring from the military.  After invading Boise, Biggles regularly laid down the bottom line at Boise Blues Society jam sessions and has backed local favorites Ken Harris and Richard Soliz.  Later, he and Brian "Bear" Smith formed the backbone of Deja Bluez, which knocked em' dead at venues all around the Treasure Valley.